The Best Advice for Retaking Your Exams During a Gap Year

Retaking your exams can be difficult. Especially when your friends are going off to university and such. We've compiled a list of the best advice for you when you're retaking your exams.

Best Volunteer Projects Abroad

When volunteering abroad, there are ways to make sure your own goodwill translates into doing good, and to maximise the positive impact of volunteer travel. Choose an ethical volunteer project.

Independent Work Placements

Organising an independent work placement abroad can be daunting for first timers or those with little knowledge of reputable voluntary organisations and projects.

Taking a Career Break

Sabbaticals, career breaks, time out, whatever you call it, doing something different can be a huge boost to you, your CV and even your job.

Guide to Volunteer Fees

There is a good reason why some voluntary organisations in Central and South America charge international volunteers a small participation fee.

Benefits of Environmental Volunteering

The benefits of environmental volunteering overseas are numerous and here are some of the main points to consider with particular reference to Latin America.

Volunteering in Tropical Climates

Never lived in a tropical climate before? Here are some tips to get you started.

Honeyteering - Volunteering for Honeymooners

Some newlyweds are choosing to spend their honeymoon volunteering for a worthy cause in the developing world rather than opt for the traditional type of honeymoon.

Volunteering with Wildlife

Assisting in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking has never been so important, find out why in this blog about volunteering with wildlife.

Volunteering with Kids

Not sure if volunteering with kids is for you? Find out how you can help in ways you might not have considered.