Make Volunteering in Latin America the Best Experience

7 tips for people intending to spend some time volunteering in Latin America to help them make the best out of their volunteer experience.

Tips For Responsible Travel

Whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime, a gap year abroad or just a short holiday, you can make a difference when you travel, not only for yourself but for the people and places you visit.

Journeying with Huachuma, the Sacred Andean Cactus

Can plants really help us access mystical realms and impossible cures? A very special cactus from the Andes just may prove that it is possible.

Season's Greetings & Christmas Giveaway

As 2019 draws to a close, Volunteer Latin America would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, healthy, and joyful New Year.

After 10 Years of Filming in Yantalo, Peru Documentary Completed

Filming in the jungle of Peru for 10 years, "Mortality of Dreams" follows the dream of Dr. Luis Vasquez to construct an international volunteer-run hospital.

Spiritual Revolution and the Fulfillment of Prophecies

Will the ancient teachings and traditions of native cultures in the Americas lead us towards a new consciousness for humanity?

Have You Ever Wanted To Volunteer?

The possibility to combine travel, adventure and volunteering while also having a positive impact on the world is more possible than ever before.

Cryptocurrency to Facilitate Travel and Volunteering Overseas

Investing in cryptocurrencies carries a risk but could offer travellers and volunteers an exceptional way of funding a trip overseas.

Seeking Meaning & Mystery at Sacred Sites

There are a plethora of sacred sites throughout Central and South America worthy of piquing the interest in travellers seeking greater meaning and depth to their journey.

Yurt Life and the Glory of Glamping

Now you can camp in complete luxury with all of the comforts of home plus the sought-after enjoyment of the outdoors.