The Economics of the Modern Nomadic Lifestyle

The modern global economy and technology have produced the modern nomad and a way of travelling the world without a permanent place of residence or a traditional job.

Solo travelling: tips for the absolute first-timer

Thinking about going away for the first time on your own? Some are confident, others excited but slightly nervous, and some daunted. However you're feeling, some of this might come in useful.

Up the Creek with a Pineapple

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Travel Resolutions for 2016

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Hiring a Car in Latin America

Unpredictable buses, changing timetables and missed connections can make the prospect of renting a car very appealing. But is it worth it?

Beating Travel Sickness

Long bus trips, hairy mountain roads, choppy seas? For the travel sick-prone, amazing adventures can come at a price so try these remedies.

Cool Railway Journeys in Latin America

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Naked Truth about Nude Selfies

Travellers who pose naked at Latin America's famous tourist attractions should choose somewhere more appropriate for their nude selfie.