Wildlife tourism: dos and don'ts

For many travellers, seeing local wildlife tops the list of reasons to go somewhere. But how do you know that the encounter is ethical?

Stargazing in Chile

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is a magical place for stargazers to explore the Southern Hemisphere's night skies.

Favela tourism: the lowdown

'Slum tours', as they're often called, have become increasingly popular in recent years, but how do you ensure it's not a 'human safari'?

Beating Jet Lag

Nothing worse than starting your trip shattered, be it wanting to sleep at 7pm or feeling zapped when you wake up. Minimise the problems of jet lag with a few simple tips.

Volunteering is a Great Way to Digital Detox

Combining some time as a volunteer whilst on a Digital Detox makes sense and results in a much more rewarding experience.

The Economics of the Modern Nomadic Lifestyle

The modern global economy and technology have produced the modern nomad and a way of travelling the world without a permanent place of residence or a traditional job.

Solo travelling: tips for the absolute first-timer

Thinking about going away for the first time on your own? Some are confident, others excited but slightly nervous, and some daunted. However you're feeling, some of this might come in useful.

Up the Creek with a Pineapple

What happens when a sunset kayaking trip to see dolphins meets a tropical cyclone, with a fresh and innovative approach to survival.

Travel Insurance: 3 Good Reasons You Should Purchase

Here are three reasons why you should purchase travel insurance whenever you travel, be it for business or leisure.

Backpacking in your 30s, 40s and beyond

Remember backpacker bores, bathroom-sharing, the fear of missing out? So how much does the backpacking experience change as you get older?