80 Signs You Are a Travel Addict

What are the symptoms of addiction? Besides hoarding travel shampoo or dealing with 'the shakes' when you're grounded for too long, what qualifies you as a travel addict? Check out these tell-tale signs and see if you are, in fact, a travel addict!

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) solves many of the most frustrating issues related to using the internet abroad and is a useful tool for travellers.

The Concept of Time

One thing you should look out for when travelling and volunteering abroad is how different cultures have an entirely different concept of time.

Ingapirca - Discovering Ecuador's Incan Ruins

It may not have the mystical allure of its more famous counterpart in Peru (Machu Pichu for the uninitiated), but at Ecuador's most significant Pre-Hispanic historical site you will find much of interest.

Say Hola to UK TV/Radio Unblocker

Whether you're a backpacker looking to watch Strictly Come Dancing, or you're hankering for a dose of Alan Green's football commentary, here's a free and simple way to access UK-blocked content from anywhere in the world.

Mitad Del Mundo - Ethnographic Museum

A journey to Ecuador in South America will almost inevitably include a trip to the Equator and Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo, the City at the Middle of the World.

Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

Tips for environmentally friendly travel and how to lessen your impact if you're planning some travel through this amazing part of the world.

Bus Culture in Ecuador

Planning a trip to Ecuador? Thinking about what books to take for all those long bus journeys? Forget it - on these buses you won't be stuck for entertainment!

Solo Female Travel in Latin America: Safety Tips for Women

It is far too easy to get intimidated and paranoid about the prospect of travelling alone to Latin America as a female traveller. In reality, the region is safe to visit.