The Andean Bear: All You Need To Know

The Andean Bear, commonly referred to as the Spectacled Bear, is the only bear native to South America.

The Magic of the Macaw

The gorgeous brightly colored macaw parrots are native to many Latin American countries from Mexico to the Amazon rainforests of Brazil.

Experience Monarch Butterflies in Mexico

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico to witness one of nature's most spectacular events; millions of Monarch butterflies overwintering after their annual migration.

Sea Turtle Arribada in Costa Rica

Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to witness a mass olive ridley sea turtle nesting event known as an arribada.

Brighter Future for Mendoza Zoo Elephants

Argentina's notorious Mendoza Zoo agrees to release four captive elephants to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, ushering in a brighter future for animal welfare in South America.

Latin America's First Elephant Sanctuary

A new elephant sanctuary in Brazil has recently taken in its first two residents, and will now attempt to track down up to fifty more old working elephants in South America.

Amazon River Dolphin

The Amazon River dolphin is a freshwater dolphin that inhabits the waterways of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers in South America.

The Penguins of South America

Three of South America's seven penguin species are listed as vulnerable or endangered - find out why.

Saving the World's Slowest Mammals

There are various ways to help save this cuddly creature such as preventing habitat loss, public education, and providing rehabilitation and veterinary care to injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths.

Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica

Aww. Get up close to a cute and cuddly sloth. Sloth's, if you didn't know already, are adorable. Baby sloths even more so. Meet both at Costa Rica's dedicated sloth sanctuary.